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Two seminar rooms are located on the ground floor of Hedon spa, which suit for organizing meetings or seminars.

SUPELUSE ROOM, sized 68 m² is suitable for:
70 guests in theatre style
22 guests in classroom style
24 guests U-shape

SUVITUSE ROOM, sized 32 m² is suitable for:
20 guests in theatre style
18 guests in board room style

HEDON SPA SUITE, sized 30 m² is suitable for:
8 guests in boardroom style

Have a look at room layouts as well.

The price includes room rent, the use of data projector, flip chart and screen, pitchers of water, paper and pens for writing.

For evening gatherings, after the official part, our lobby area and cozy fireplace area near the lobby are the places to relax or to continue the conversations. Our restaurant with its spacious terrace directly next to the beach promenade and the courtyard of the historical mud baths, offer more privacy. We have also put together a selection of post-seminar activities in Hedon spa and Pärnu.

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Already in the ancient Rome the best ideas came and best agreements were made in sauna!

In Ancient Rome there was habit to execute a business agreement and even marriage deals in sauna. The sauna gave a wonderful opportunity to submit the latest news and actual topics.

Inspired by the Rome traditions we offer to our Silent spa sauna customers ancient sauna ceremonies concatenation in the modern key. Place where modern and old traditions meet. Between sauna and bathing is a possibility to relax in the spa relaxing area and to taste our wonderful tea, Hedon “Meie tee” – energizing and calming herbal tea which has been mixed just for our guests. Additionally there is possibility to order some delicious appetizers and refreshing cocktails from our sauna menu.

Think how great will be a meeting or brainstorming in bathrobe and lay down at our relaxing area! If You wish, we will also set up a piece of paperboard, notebooks, pens, etc.

Silent spa private visit (maximum 24 people):
450 EUR / 3 hour
350 EUR / 3 hour (if the group is staying in our hotel)

Take a look for our Silent spa video.

For us there is no unresolved problems, only wonderful challenges what we gladly organize for You!
For a personal offer, inquire at; ph: +372 44 99 021.

Donate Your employees experience and they will donate You back a lot of good results!


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