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Cuisine of exquisite delights!

Restaurant Raimond received its name after the amazing Estonian composer and musician RAIMOND VALGRE. Raimond lived in Pärnu for years, and here in the budding resort he created several of his timeless songs. Unfortunately Valgre and his melodies did not become widely known during his lifetime. Our restaurant team is even more ambitious – we want to be well known already today, but also tomorrow and in the more distant future.

Together with its younger sibling, resto Akord, the 50-seat fine dining restaurant Raimond opens in the summer right onto the beach sand. We have created a romantic meeting point, where time stops and fairy tale in music begins.

The kitchen of restaurant Raimond is trendy and authentic in a true Nordic fashion. Wherever possible, we use local fresh produce sourced from local small farms. But great local goods are not what turn good to great – it is the team that does it. Our endeavours, goals and ideas which we created and brought to fruition together placed the restaurant among top 50 restaurants in Estonia already in our first year of operation.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is cosy not only in the summer but all year long. Here you can see autumn storms beating the waves from the cosy and warm room, glistening of the ice fields in the winter and arrival of the first migratory birds in the spring – these moods are also stored in the interior, Nordic food and cosy fire in the fireplace. And what else could better convey the memories or satisfied guests than the unforgettable lyrics by Raimond Valgre:

“Soon I will come back to you
May the winds bring my greetings to you
Tell you what my heart feels
Back to you I will come”

Gourmet experiences are a perfect ending for the day!

Opening hours:
Sun – Thu 18:00 – 23:00; (kitchen will be closed 22:00)
Fri – Sat 18:00 – 00:00; (kitchen will be closed 22:30)
We recommend to book your table in advance to get the most suitable date and time.

Additional information and booking
Phone: +372 555 62 686

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Amuse bouche
Selection of homemade breads

Black caviar from Mottra farm in Latvia
onion from Peipsi/sour cream/dill/buckwheat blini

* 40° trout
kohlrabi/salmon roe/chive-chervil/lemon grass

Flavor freshener

* Pheasant

Pork cheek
wild garlic/barley groats/ginger-carrot/truffle

* Rack of lamb
Jerusalem artichoke/onion from Peipsi/black garlic

Apple from the local gardens
vanilla/Kalamatsi/Jaanihanso Ice/corn/thyme

* Valrhona
cherry/black garlic/„coal“/raspberry

At the end of your dinner you will be invited to our fireplace room
to enjoy petite fours with Hennessy and cafe.

Head Chef Marko Lumera

*4-course degustation menu 55 € per person
*sommelier paired drink package 31 € per person

7-course degustation menu 69 € per person
sommelier paired drink package 55 € per person

Additional information and booking
Phone: +372 555 62 686



Pan fried white bread with ham, cheese and tomato  3 €
Crunchy vegetables with sour-cream dip  3 €


Pirate’ s favourite  6 €                   
Salmon fillet                                      

Heavenly meatballs  6 €
Oven baked meatballs

pasta / potato puree / coleslaw /  tomato-cucumber salad     

cold sour-cream mayo sauce and warm cream sauce

Every child’ s dream  3,50 €
Milkshake with your favorite juice

Vitamin bomb  3,50 €
Fresh fruit salad with kiwi, apple, banana, pear, physalis

Every day is Sunday  3,50 €
Pancakes  with strawberry and ice-cream



We dreamed to have second restaurant, a fast and good-quality place for eating, where the choice of raw material would have no limits. These thoughts came to reality on the first days of 2016 – in friendly harmony, resto Akord was opened.

This is how the musician went to roam about, found a lost chord (in Estonian – akord) from the sandy beach, and brought it here under the pine trees to produce beautiful sounds, with some sand still between the toes or a winter hat nonchalantly pushed back. One no longer needs to wait and dream of that fleeting summer with the smells emanating from the grill. Resto Akord brings summer warmth into your heart and brings you to Pärnu beach all year long.

In the winter, Akord has 40 seats, but the summer attracts up to 100 food lovers onto our outside terrace. Akord has adopted the approach that we offer everything suitable for the sunset and sandy beach – amazing meat dishes grilled on live fire, fish and sumptuous seafood dishes suitable for a sea town. Our menu also includes vegetarian dishes, pastas, desserts – everything straight from the grill.

Resto Akord allows you to stay yourself, be your own chef and taste designer. We prepare a delicious grilled meal for you, and you can combine it with the best side dishes – just the way you like it the most.

Look our fine dining restaurant Raimond.

Opening hours:
Sun – Thu 12:00 – 23:00; (kitchen will be closed 22:00)
Fri – Sat 12:00 – 00:00; (kitchen will be closed 22:30)
We recommend to book your table in advance to get the most suitable date and time. 


Phon: +372 555 62 686

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Grill menu gives the opportunity to mix a barbecue dish of your dreams. You have the chance to be a chef by yourself.



European cheese selection with olives and crackers 12.-

Tempura tiger prawns, chicken wings, crispy bread sticks, cheeses and olives 17.-



Crispy Tallinn bread sticks with cheese mayonnaise 5 pcs 5.-

Crispy tiger prawns with cilantro-chilli sauce and lemon 5 pcs 7.-

Chicken wings in coconut-chilli sauce 8 pcs 8.-



Creamy smoked cheese soup with bacon and herbs 7.-

Grilled beef soup with noodles 7.-



Vöner kebab 8.-

Grilled beetroot 8.-



Grilled salmon fillet 12.-

Charcoal grilled whole sea bass 14.-



Vegetable-nut 10.-

Goat cheese 10.-

Pulled chicken 10.-

Beef 13.-



Duck breast 12.-

Chicken drumsticks 10.-


– PORK –

Green egg grilled pork mini shank 12.-

Slow cooked pork belly 10.-



Beef fillet 150 g* 17.-

Beef cheek with brown sauce 12.-

Lamb neck with rosemary-cream sauce 14.-



Crispy green salad with vegetables 3.-

Grilled vegetables 3.-

French fries 3,50

Crispy sweet potato 4.-



Sour cream-mayonnaise 2.-

Beurre-blanc 2,50

Pepper-cream 2,50

Red wine 2,50                



Green bowl avocado/spinach/cabbage/peas/cucumber/seeds/herb-pumpkin oil 8.-

Prawn bowl rice/spinach/cherry tomato/wakame/kimchi/plain yogurt 10.-

Hot smoked salmon capers/cucumber/carrot/potato/herb/mayonnaise 10.-

Beef carpaccio parmesan/arugula/pine seeds/balsamic 10.-



Akord´s cake of the day 5.-

Crème brûlée with fresh berries 5.-

Grilled banana with vanilla ice-cream and caramel sauce 5.-




On the ground floor of our hotel you will find a cosy Northern-style lobby bar, which is a great option for business meetings as well as relaxing moments with friends. Here you can sit back in the large and comfortable oak armchairs designed for NORR11 by Norwegian designers, and enjoy the atmosphere and the lobby bar’s extensive cocktail selection.
The cocktail menu includes classical cocktails as well as trendy drinks. The professional bar staff are always on the lookout for new and tasty cocktail recipes. In summer, the lobby expands to the seaside terrace, where you can enjoy a spectacular view while sipping the drinks. In the winter period you can take some time off and enjoy your favourite drinks and a warm fire in our cosy fireplace room.

Our job is not to simply offer coffee, but to create a whole world of coffee. We all need a moment for ourselves, a soft and warm one just like the cream on a good cup of coffee. The quality of the Italian Caffé Verones nourishes you through every moment of the day – when you wake up in the morning, during a calm business meeting or a quick healthy lunch. Our  coffee selection has high quality and it´s handmade, following old traditions.
To accompany the coffee and cocktails, we offer light snacks, and you will also find an impressive selection of tasty cakes made by our restaurant chefs right here in the hotel kitchen.
Before dinner you can enjoy different aperitifs in the lobby bar, and after the delicious restaurant experience you can finish the evening with a wonderful digestive.

LOBBY BAR opening times

Summer season
Mon – Sun     11:00 – 00:00

Winter season
Sun – Thu      11:00 – 23:00
Fri – Sat         11:00 – 00:00

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